Current (at least vaguely anyway) events

July 2006

There's an old adage that states that 'it never rains but it pours'. That's proved to be very true this year...
Not long after I returned from the Far East earlier this year I felt a bit unwell. A few visits to the doctor followed, along with chest X-rays, blood tests and so on - eventually the consensus of opinion was that I had pneumonia (rather than a malarial infection or any of the other things it might have been). I strongly advise anyone against getting pneumonia. It's no fun at all, just take my word for it!

After the fun and games with pneumonia was sorted out, I was in a bit of an accident in my car. While I was stationary a Land Rover drove into me. I wasn't very happy, as you might imagine. Off to hospital again, this time for spinal X-rays and lots of rather uncomfortable poking and prodding. I'm still dealing with the insurance paperwork and undergoing physiotherapy on my back. What fun.

As a result of all this extravagant high-life things photographic had to be put on hold for a while for obvious reasons. But things are now beginning to roll again and new shoots and exhibitions are being planned. I've given this website something of an overhaul, reorganising some categories as well as adding new photos in every category.

Recently, over the last month or so I've started work on two new books in collaboration with another photographer (more details later when the wraps come off!) and a new exhibition. A lot of research has been done and I've been travelling around the country a fair bit covering some sporting events as well as working on the aforementioned projects.

It's good to be back...


May 2005


Sensual Seduction Exhibition, Brighton

As part of the Brighton Festival Fringe, the Guild of Erotic Artists is putting on a three-day exhibition, Sensual Seduction, at the Friese Greene gallery. Over twenty of us will be there exhibiting a variety of erotic photography, art and body-casting. As with our other exhibitions, we plan to put on demonstrations throughout the event, so expect to see demos of life-casting, photography, and Shibari.

I'll be doing the Shibari demos, and probably some of the photography ones. Needless to say, I'll have prints available for sale at the exhibition and will be available to discuss commissions.
The venue details are: Friese Greene House, 15-17 Middle Street, Brighton, BN1 1AL. Open 12.00 to 8.30pm, admission free. (Entry restricted to adults only, for obvious reasons...)

Map link


Guild of Erotic Artists

Monthly Guild open day at Beaumont Hall Studios, near St Albans. Permanent exhibitions by several of the Guild's members, including myself. Most open days have two or more demonstrations scheduled - photography, life-casting, and Shibari are regular features.

Open 12.00 to 5.00pm, admission free. Food and drink available at extremely reasonable prices.
Everyone welcome. Come along, say "hi", look around, meet the artists, photographers and models.


April 2005

The first part of the month was, of course, dominated by attending the Erotica show at the G-Mex Centre, Manchester, and the there's still work generated from the show still to be taken care of, which has been keeping me busy. Inarguably a much smaller and less well-attended event than previously, it seems highly likely that this will be the last Erotica to be staged in Manchester. The next Erotica show will be, as usual, at Olympia in London in November. Rumours abound regarding the choice of a venue for the spring show next year.

One of my photos is the covershot on the current issue (No.19) of Kaleidoscope magazine, and is accompanied by a two page article about me. The article, which is quite photo-heavy is divided roughly equally between my work in erotica and music photography.

Kaleidoscope is a music magazine concentrating on the UK goth scene. The image on the left links to the website where the magazine can be purchased if you can't find it in the shops.


The first part of a website update is underway, and I've uploaded a selection of new images in the 'Erotica' gallery (click here). Some of the new images are ones that have proved particularly popular at recent exhibitions, while others are brand new ones not seen before, including some where I've experimented with new directions.
Further updates will follow, probably next month, adding further erotica as well as adding to the other sections of the gallery.

And finally, this month sees the first issue of my e-mail newsletter going out. If you'd like to receive this, please click here.


March 2005

This month has gone ridiculously fast. Much of it has been spent making preparations for the forthcoming exhibitions in Manchester and Brighton. Late nights, early mornings, lots of phonecalls, e-mails and driving all over the place. In addition, of course, to the various shoots I've had on throughout the month...

The website has been updated with the addition of 'News' and 'Subscribe to newsletter' pages. I've wanted to get the e-mail newsletter underway for some while now, but haven't had the time to do so. The first one will be e-mailed soon after the post-Erotica show chaos has subsided...


February 2005

Lots happened, but nothing particularly news-worthy, so I'll just skip lightly over the month!


January 2005

In addition to the usual stuff (largely consisting of running around like a loon!), January has had two notable events; one good, one not so good.

I had hoped to take part in an exhibition in one of the galleries in Cork Street, renowned as being the high-class gallery area of London. The Guild of Erotic Artists had negotiated that we were going to hold a month long exhibition, with a big party evening just before Valentine's Day. Unfortunately the gallery let us down and had double-booked part of the period we'd booked.
Ah well.

On a more positive note, I'm now one of the official photographers for the Suicide Girls website (
For those unfamiliar with SG, it's a website that specialises in photography of alternative models - goth/rock/pierced/tattooed etc. Some of the women are professional models, some are doing it for the fun of it, and all shades in between.
However,SG is about more than just photos; it's an active and lively online community. It includes message boards, member's journals, news, real world events, etc. It can also be a good source of work for its members, as Suicide Girls are often sought for modelling and music videos.

And so, in addition to doing the shoot itself, I'm now recruiting - for want of a better word - for potential new SG hopefuls. So... if you're interested, or know someone who might be, drop me a line...