Book details - The Guild of Erotic Artists, Vol 1

The Guild of Erotic Artists - Volume 1

Published in January 2005 as a collective work showcasing the work of twenty-five members of the Guild of Erotic Artists. My section in it is accompanied by that of twenty-four other photographers, artists, sculptors and digital artists.


The blurb from one of the write-ups:
In two short years, the membership of The Guild of Erotic Artists has swelled from a fertile few to over one hundred strong, with a permanent gallery space at Beaumont Hall Studios, St Albans, Herts. The Guild's first publication, a 160 page limited edition of 5,000, showcases the talents of 25 of its members. A visually exciting mix of established artists and emerging talents from the fields of fine art, photography, bodycasting, sculpture and digital art. A fascinating glimpse at the lives of artists and their stories are as varied as their art is sensual. Serve warm, with fine wine, to those who'd like to explore their artistic sides.

Beaumont Hall Studios; formerly a derelict building, its present directors, Ken Clarke - Body Moulder and Lifecasting Sculptor, Paul John Ballard - Artist and Colin Ballard - Studio Co-ordinator, refurbished it over a 6-month period in the first half of 2002. Once a 15th century Monastery, it had been built with ship-oak timbers and was most recently a grain barn. Set in the beautiful Hertfordshire countryside, it is now an art gallery and an interactive working studio where artists can exhibit and demonstrate their work.
The Guild of Erotic Artists was founded on 7 November 2002 and it was formed to bond and unite a network of artists that can use the Studios facilities as a platform to interact with each other and the public for the very first time in art history.
Now they tell their individual stories, what motivates them and how they work. It is a book for students, artists, critics, and anybody who enjoys a good and entertaining read.

From the MD:
As the managing director of Beaumont Hall Studios and a founder member of The Guild of Erotic Artists, I can say that I am proud of what has been created here. The members all say that they have joined a family, a large group of like minded souls who inspire each other and help each other to look forward and improve on their already superb skills. This Book is the first. Many will follow and our membership will grow. We hope that it will inspire others who have artistic skills but meet with predjudice and criticism just because they want express themselves in an art form that is currently not openly accepted in the Art World. We have started to change the views of many and we will continue.
Colin Ballard



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160 pages, 21cm x 29.7cm

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